I help you discover your golden thread

for living a vibrantly connected life.

There is a particular channel for living in the optimal expression for your life.

Using embodiment technologies and coaching processes to elicit key, personally derived insights from you in the discovering process, I help you activate, identify, and embody the zone of your optimal expression.

When working with me as a coach, I’ll help you take the guesswork out of the discovering and experimenting phase of your wellbeing journey and provide knowledgeable support when it’s time to pivot and move toward a more committed structure to support your living vision.

I use researched-based processes and evidence-based interventions to support you.

What does coaching with me mean for you?

Living a vibrantly connected life has been the common theme of my work in supporting others since 2005.

The people who benefit the most from working with me are those who desire to live well yet are uncertain going about it. My role is to support your process by using research-based coaching and psychology techniques to enhance your discovery, integration, and mastery process. The point is that you create an authentic and personalized wellness lifestyle that suits your interests, preferences, needs, and values. We will use embodiment experiences to activate your inner knowing and begin the process of integration into your life.

During my doctorate studies in mind-body medicine, I examined how people create lifestyles of wellbeing that sustain them throughout their lives and created original research from the examination. I discovered a three-stage process that people experience when learning to create an authentic, personalized lifestyle of wellbeing.

The research revealed three stages

  1. Awakening a vision
  2. Integrating strategies
  3. Living wellness

A key finding revealed the value of experiencing flow states as a critical lever for sustaining wellness-oriented behaviors long-term and moving into the stage of mastery, living wellness.

As a result of discovering the value of flow states in my research after finishing my doctorate degree, I completed intensive training in the neuroscience of flow state to best facilitate my ability to serve you in your journey of living well.

Today, by combining my many years of facilitating therapeutic and empowering experiences for others, along with my research in personalizing wellness and intensive training in the neuroscience of flow states, I help people by coaching them in living a vibrantly connected life.

If you want to tap into the reservoir of your innate wisdom and create your lifestyle of wellness, while also enjoying the benefit of having a knowledable companion for support, schedule a meeting with me today.