The Golden Thread

Want to Be More Innovative?

Do you have a recreational life? I mean a real recreational life that involves physical activity and play? If you’re looking to be more innovative in your professional or personal life, you need to get a recreational life.

Ground Your Fear

When fear catches you up inside, you can ground it if you don’t want it to have its way with you. You do not have to be at the whim of fear’s entanglements. You have a choice. Let’s talk about how to ground fear so you can experience subtle inner peace.

Learn to Fall, So You Can Fly

Stop resisting and prepare yourself well. Our lives have abruptly and drastically shifted. For some, this means the ground is shuffling beneath you now and you have to alter your positioning to avoid falling.

Emergent Cooperative Learning at Home

As a family, we’re in the process of designing an emergent, cooperative learning strategy at home in response to the sudden opportunity we have to be home together due to the COVID-19 situation. So many families are doing their own version of this. At the moment our version, involves art, music, self-care, physical activity, and land-based learning. It is specific to what is right for us at this particular time.

Following Nature’s Lead

Living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle begins with connection and relationships to the land. I allow the lines to blur between reality and imagination a bit when following nature’s lead; often, that’s where a path begins to reveal itself to me.