Transformative Coaching

Transformative coaching refers to a co-creative and collaborative relationship between you and your coach.

You want to live in the optimal channel of your life expression and recognize that living well is essential in making that happen.

I bring partnership and authenticity to transformative coaching while helping you live a vibrantly connected life.

As your coach, skilled and knowledgeable in guiding people through discovery and integration processes dedicated through a doctorate-level education and training experience, I’ll utilize a number of modalities in helping you mine the valuable resources you have within and live the vision you have for yourself. You can go it alone and spend a lifetime finding your way. Or, you can reach out and get the support that has stood the test of rigorous research.

Initial coaching packages start at 6 sessions. Current promotional rates are $1497 for the package.

This includes

  • One deep inquiry session
  • Regular check-ins via messaging app
  • Five 90 minute sessions

You are worth the investment.

Take a healthy risk and commit yourself today.

Schedule a free consultation today!

*Please see my peer-reviewed article that details the personalizing wellness process and the research supporting it.