Disruption as a Catalyst:
Toward Engaged Living

Disruption as a Catalyst: Toward Engaged Living

Usually hidden in the cracks of disrupting situations are rays of hope and inspiration waiting to be recognized. It’s not always easy to know how to walk the mythic path. When a knowing companion is by your side, one who listens and asks questions and leads you into new dimensions, a way is revealed.

In this 4 week-short course, with a live facilitator, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your life situation while also noticing the visions, hopes, and dreams you have. This may relate to health, fitness, wellbeing, relationships, your career, education, or some other life possibilities.

To be disrupted is to be interrupted from the path you were on. This momentary disruption (however long it lasts) is a bit like a breath. It creates an opportunity to pause, see, take note, and reassess your personal landscape before making your next move.

Six people will lean in for a cohort-style personal development course. Weekly live sessions via phone and Zoom will provide an opportunity for cohort connection and guided activities for exploration and discovery. Supplemental material will be available via an online course. The heartbeat of this course is live and meaningful connection with other members of the group and facilitator.

Questions and inquiries about this course can be directed to Kari Allen-Hammer, Ph.D. at kari@liveliferesources.com. Feel free to reach out to her to test the waters for coherence and connection with her before signing up. She is happy to speak with you on the phone for a resonance check or to answer your questions or concerns.

The cost of the course is $250.

Additional courses will be available building from the foundation of this course and will be announced at a later time.

This course is offered in collaboration with LiveLifeResources, 501(c)3. www.liveliferesources.com